Activity Day for Summer Academy

June 26, 2016, teacher candidates traded discussions of pedagogy, lesson plans, cognitive development for Jenga, sack races, dodge ball and craft-making for Activity Day, a monthly event allowing various programs and cohorts to network and re-connect through play.

The summer is busy for our teacher candidates who forego resting when school is on break in order to take courses to finish their teaching programs and participate in our summer lab school, a month-long experiential learning program located at for school sites in Los Angeles.

Activity Day opens up the space for teachers to tap into their inner child and test the fun games they often use to teach various lessons to students. At the core is collaborative learning and interactivity, an important focus at the institute to prepare students with 21st centuring teaching practices and learning.

In addition to play, students enjoy dinner and sweets to enrichen networking and comraderie. Dr. Jill Aguilar, a CSUDH professor expressed the need for teachers to find balance in their profession; thus Activity Day attempts to establish a healthy habit for educators who give so much once in the classroom.

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