Teachers Graduate, Complete Credentials are Honored

On June 28, 2016, we hosted a culmination ceremony celebrating newly minted teachers who graduate from CSI3 programs and those who have successfully completed the clear credential programs required for them to teach various subjects.

Family and close friends of teahcers joined graduates to celebrate a huge accomplisment in a family affair that honors an unsung profession – educators.IMG_0510

In special sit-down dinner, individually recognizing the accomplishments of new teachers who worked in a demanding, yet exemplary programs, and through
challenges of balances of personal and career, the night was filled with words of inspiration.

Oscar Medina (top right) who received his credentials as a second career told of how his fiance inspired him to fulfill his dream of teaching.

Kenneth Kim, a military veteran who decided to pursue teaching after theIMG_0723 service (pictured in above photo), said that at times he was challenged when he could not reach students, but used the lessons learned in physical training to overcome hurdles.

Marshay Calloway in above photo (patterned dress) spoke of how a personal tragedy pushed her to be teacher that refused to neglect the education and well-being of any student.

Says Hamdan, “Our teacher training programs are some of the most rigorous programs in the state, so when you sauy that you went to Dominguez Hills, peole know that you are a high quality teacher.”

Graduating over 100 teachers, Cal State University Dominguez Hills leads as universities throughout California for producing the math and science teachers in California. Many teachers go through CSI3 programs.

Part of the culminatior program honored Dr. Jill Aguilar, who is retireing after three decades as an educator. Dr. Jones has been a cornerstone in our STAR (STEM Teachers in Advanced Residency) and Lab Schools. Touched by our tribute, Dr. Aguilar said proudly that she took on the challenge of ensuring that every time she stepped into a class, her goal was to teach students from beginning to end.

A goal that left her tired some days, she unwavered from an accomplishment that contributed to thousands of students benefitting from her personal commitment, and that includes CSIstudents.

Teachers who were honored teach in schools throughout the Los Angeles Metropolitan.

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