Dr. Aguilar’s 5 Tips for Teachers

Dr. Jill Aguilar, a Cal State University, Dominguez Hills’ professor who works with the institute, offered important life and career advice to future teachers at our culmination ceremony on June 28, 2016. Retiring after 30 years of teaching, Dr. Aguilar imparted her wisdom in 5 simple, yet profound tips. In attendance were graduates and teachers who completed their teaching credentials.

Tip #1: Aim for balance.

You will give and give from the bottom of your soul, but try and aim for balance. Work the hours you need to but give time for yourself. Have time for your loved ones. Do what fills your soul be happy, travel the world.

Tip #2: Teach every single day that you’re in a classroom.

Make it a challenge to always teach in your classroom. Make every single day purposeful and make it count. Never have a free day, commit yourself to teaching. It can be exhausting, but it’s possible.

Tip #3: Teach outside of the classroom.

Students learn and interact differently based on their environment. Go outside and get involved. Take the student to experience field trips and other youth groups. The students can become very creative, fun, and energetic.

Tip #4: Teaching is not a competitive sport.

“You are the best teacher you are today. Be in competition with yourself.” Do not compete with others. Do not think that other colleagues are trying to be better than you. Worry about yourself and your classroom .

Tip #5: Look for colleagues you can trust and respect.

In order for this to happen you need to be trustworthy and respectful. Do not gossip about others; always tell the truth. Be an honest, kind, and reliable person.


Culmination Ceremony June 28, 2016: Dr. Aguilar being honored for her dedication at CSI3.

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