Teacher Support Institute Offers More than Support

A teacher-candidate walked into the Friday summer session of CSI³’s Teacher Support Institute (TSI) overwhelmed by their first couple of weeks in Lab School. One of our staff noticed the discomfort of the new teacher. Concerned, the candidate was offered the opportunity to talk about their experiences in navigating their beginning time in the classroom.

Days later, the candidate thanked our staff member saying that they felt like this was the first time they received that much attention and genuine concern.

This story is an ordinary day at TSI, a support program that provides first-year teachers with one-on-one support for classroom management strategies, lesson planning, and culturally relevant pedagogy.

This summer is busiest institute since TSI launched in 2015. Every Friday, dozens of teachers and veteran teachers discuss and reflect on their week of teaching at one of the four CSI³ Lab Schools located at four different LAUSD schools. Participants collaborate on teaching methods and work through areas that they need to revise and modify, while also veteran teachers point to the strengths of new educators.

Deterring Teacher Dropout. A third of beginning teachers quit within their first three years on the job—many of the dropout rates occurring in urban areas. Cities like Los Angeles are experiencing a boom in the student population and an impending teacher shortage. CSI³ recognized the need to equip the teacher with as much backing as possible.

Shortly after Bryant’s new teacher gatherings, she along with Dr. Kamal Hamdan, the executive director of CSI³ came up with a plan to embed regular meetings with new teachers in the school year.

Usually, TSI runs every other Saturday during the Fall and Spring, but with the expansion of the summer Lab School, TSI is offered as an optional class.

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