California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) is systematically addressing the shortage of math and science teachers in high-need schools in urban and rural areas across the state of California through the implementation of multiple STEM projects. These projects are managed by the newly established Center for innovation in STEM Education (CISE). The CISE team developed and is currently implementing undergraduate, post-baccalaureate teacher preparation, and graduate programs, and formed multiple partnerships with high-need LEAs as well as community colleges.

The STEM programs that support undergraduate STEM majors are the Math and Science Teacher initiative (MSTI), Noyce Scholars Program (NSP), and Pathways Academy. Hands-on classroom experiences and individualized academic pathways and support set these undergraduate programs apart from other programs.

The STEM programs that support Masters/Credential STEM majors are STEM Teachers in Advanced Residency (STAR), Secondary Special Education Teacher Intervention (SSETI), and Transition to Teaching (TTT) online. These three programs share the common goal of recruiting, training placing, and retaining highly qualified math and science teachers. All three programs offer participants financial, academic, and instructional support.

The STEM programs that are specialized and provide support to graduate and professional development to support current TTT, STAR, and SSETI teachers are Project Reach and Master Teacher Fellows (MTF).Teachers in these programs become experts in their content area and practice, and in turn mentor and guide future teacher candidates.

The STEM initiative programs that support STEM majors and the communities are Women is STEM Education (WISE), STEM in Action, Junior Cadets Summer Academy, and Campus Tours. The CSUDH STEM initiatives take great pride in having program participants who are diverse, bright, and passionate about teaching. Over 65% of our TTT teachers are African-American and Latino and attended schools served by our programs. Ongoing recruitment efforts on and off-campus focus on candidates who live in the community where they will be teaching. Across the CSU system, CSUDH leads the pack in producing math and science teachers. CSUDH’s success is attributed to the STEM team’s commitment to developing K-16 programs and beyond to meet the needs of communities within its service area.

Our range of programs offer to our participants, multiple pathways to teaching and and academic excellence. As well, we reach students and communities from elementary to college, and beyond.