Math and Science Teachers Initiative at California STEM institute for innovation and improvement

A flexible program, Math & Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) gives students the option to expand teaching opportunities with a Multiple Subject Preliminary Credential coupled with an Introductory Subject Matter Authorization (ISMA). This qualifies students to teach math or science in classes where the curriculum level is ninth-grade and below. Students may also choose to pursue a Single Subject Preliminary Credential through one of our unique credential programs (Transition To Teaching (TTT) Online or STEM Teacher in Advanced Residency (STAR) Programs).

With both options, MSTI students have the opportunity to begin teaching in real-world classrooms even before they graduate with a paid Teaching Assistant position. Whichever path you choose, CSUDH’s College of Education faculty and staff will help you select the appropriate pathway and coursework to reach your goals.

MSTI is funded by the CSU Chancellor’s Office. The goal of MSTI is to expand the capacity to recruit, prepare, support, and retain highly qualified middle and high school teachers to work within the communities served by CSUDH, especially in high-need secondary schools. MSTI is a support program which provides academic, financial, and placement support.

Our MSTI Scholars, are advised and supported as undergraduates until their ISMA is completed. Placement assistance is provided upon completion in one of our partner schools in LAUSD, Lynwood USD, Compton USD, or Inglewood USD.

Get on the right path to becoming a great teacher.
The Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) at CSUDH is a unique and flexible program offering multiple paths to becoming a certified and highly qualified teacher. Your MSTI advisors will help you choose and complete the appropriate pathway for you with:

• Ongoing Advising
As part of the MSTI Program, you’ll meet regularly with your advisor to develop your academic roadmap, track your coursework progress and support your success as a teacher in training.

• Financial Support
MSTI students may qualify for up to $5,000 in tuition reimbursement through the Transition to Teaching (TTT) Online Program or $30,000 through the STEM Teachers in Advanced Residency (STAR) Program.

• Real Classroom Experience
MSTI students gain firsthand experience as paid Teacher Assistants paired with a math or science classroom and teacher mentor at one of our partnering urban schools.

• Monthly Seminars
Monthly seminars will be provided for our students, giving them the opportunity to learn from other professionals, mentors, and peers.

• Expanded Teaching Opportunities
MSTI offers the option to complete a multiple-subject preliminary credential coupled with an Introductory Subject Matter Authorization (ISMA). An ISMA expands your qualifications by authorizing you to teach math or science in any K-9 classroom where the curriculum is 9th-grade level or below.

• Unique Credential Programs
Through MSTI, you also have the opportunity to enter one of CSUDH’s two unique credential programs, Transition To Teaching (TTT) Online or the STEM Teachers in Advanced Residency (STAR). These accelerated credential programs offer stipends, with STAR offering the option to work toward your credential and master’s degree in 15 months and TTT offering the option of working as a full-time teacher as you complete your credential requirements in the evenings.

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