Secondary special education teacher intervention at california institute for innovation and improvementThrough the Secondary Special Education Teachers Intervention (SSETI) project, CSUDH will develop and implement an innovative Response to Intervention strand into an existing, accredited educational specialist credential. The project will recruit, prepare, place, and retain SPED teachers who have the research-based knowledge and skills to develop and implement systematic multi-tiered interventions for students with persistent, severe learning disabilities in middle and high school. The 80 teachers credentialed by the project will be placed and remain in high-poverty schools for 3+ years where they will teach math and science.

More students with disabilities, receives services in general education classrooms. The SPED teachers will be skilled in assisting general education teachers in designing intensive interventions. CSUDH partnered with LAUSD, the IRS center, and the National Center on Intensive Interventions, so scholars can gain evidence-based knowledge and skills. Scholars will also participate in the CSUDH-LAUSD lab school which provide 100+ hours of hands-on classroom experience.

Open to Math, Science, and English majors. This program is ideal for recent college graduates, mid-career professionals, and paraprofessionals. Through the SSETI Program you will gain practical classroom experience through our lab schools.

Complete your credential and Masters degree in 15 months
SSETI’s accelerated program means you’ll complete your mild/moderate credential in just one year.

• Work alongside a Master Teacher while earning your credential
Put your English, social science, science, mathematics (or related field) degree and knowledge to work by changing the lives of urban high school students. A unique program, the Secondary Special Education Interventionist (SSETI) Program at CSUDH prepares you to become an effective special education teacher in just 15 months, and get paid while you’re finishing your credential. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming the teacher who inspires students to learn, SSETI will get you there.

Job Placement Assistance after you complete the credential program

Clinical Experience
Through the SSETI Lab School, candidates will gain valuable teaching experiences.  Candidates will be assigned to instructional teams led by a master teacher, to deliver a STEM-based curriculum at a local partner school.

SSETI Participants will have an opportunity to design, observe, co-teach and teach project-based lessons as part of an instructional team with the guidance of master teachers. The innovative Lab School environment will better prepare candidates for the challenges of high-need urban schools.

• Complete an internship in a STEM–related field

• Tuition Reimbursement
All participants receive a $30,000 living stipend (plus are eligible for the TEACH Grant of $4,000)

• Expert Instructors
Courses are taught by CSUDH Instructors and District Personnel.  Our expert instructors are available to help guide you through your coursework.  Since this is an intern program, and you will be teaching in the daytime, you will complete your credential courses in the evening.

• Individualized Coaching
SSETI participants will receive three years of individualized coaching from classroom and subject-matter experts. Your coach will be available to help you learn the ropes, build your confidence, meet the challenges, and reap the rewards of teaching in today’s urban high schools.

• Advising at Every Step
Your advisor will help you at every step of the journey as you make the transition to teaching–from applying to CSUDH to enrolling in teacher education courses to applying for a teaching position.

• Strong Support Network
You’ll emerge from SSETI  as a member of a strong peer network that supports your success throughout your teaching career.

If you’re ready to make the transition to teaching english, social science, math or science in a special education setting in a school that needs you most, then take the first step here. APPLY NOW